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US FDA Registration Service for Drugs


The FDA agency is in charge of regulation of drugs meant for diagnosis, curing, alleviation, treatment as well as prevention of ailment as well as proposed to affect the part or any working human body & animals.

Any company manufacturing and marketing drugs and medicines in U.S. must list the drug information and also entire manufacturing amenities for the production of the same. Drugs that are produced the companies who are not appropriately registered as well as drugs that are not appropriately listed  are prone to being misbranded and might undergo regulatory action.

USFDA Registration Registration Service For Drugs

In order to export drugs and medicine products to the United States, the company must compulsorily identify a United States agent in the course of the registration procedure. We work in affiliation with the us based company to aid our clients in the FDA registration of Drug facility in addition to the submission of the listing information whether it is for fresh registration or for the re-registration. We completely support our client companies with US FDA Registration Service for Drugs including Establishment Registration, Listings and Label Submissions, procurement of DUNS Number related to Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Over the Counter (OTC) Drug, Homeopathic Drug, Animal Drug and Medical Gas etc registration.

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USFDA Certification
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